Sophie and Max Selection Cognac

Sophie and Max Selection Cognac

Brother and sister duo, Max and Sophie, founded Cognac Expert 10 years ago. They actively promote small, family-run Cognac producers, hoping to share little known talent in the region with Cognac lovers and connoisseurs worldwide. Sophie & Max Sélection Cognac is a series of Limited Edition Cognacs designed to bring artisan Cognac houses to the attention of a global audience. The sales of the bottles directly benefit the producers and help them maintain their family brands. These producers still practice the true art of Cognac-making, some still harvest their grapes by hand. By featuring select Cognacs in the Sélection series , this valuable heritage will hopefully be protected.

Max and Sophie run Cognac Expert from their agricultural estate in the French countryside and are deeply connected to the Cognac region and its people. Their family roots in Charente go back three generations. The website provides information about everything imaginable relating to Cognac to a global readership and customer base.

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In our wildest dreams we never expected our limited edition Cognac series to be so popular. Unfortunately, the fabulous Sophie & Max Sélection N° 2 is sold out —a superb Extra quality eau-de-vie made in collaboration with the artisan house of Birius Cognac.

Sophie and Max are working on the next release of Sophie & Max Sélection. 

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The whole process of creating Sélection N° 2 has been a wonderful and informative journey. For us, as always, Cognac is all about production, craft, and family tradition. Treading this lesser worn path brings about the discovery of all that’s made Cognac the world’s most sought after brandy. So to collaborate with the wonderful artisan house of Birius for the creation of Sélection N° 2 was both a joy and an honor.

Check out our blog article on the Making of Sophie & Max Sélection N° 2.

We wanted Sélection N° 2 to be of an ‘Extra’ age quality. This meant that not only did each eau-de-vie have to be a minimum of 10 years of age, but to be described as an Extra, the eaux-de-vie in the blend had to be considerably older than that.

The three vintages that Elodie chose to make up the blend, come from grapes harvested by Elodie’s grandfather. And when the finished product was given to us to taste, it was like a well-oiled key slipping into a lock. It just worked! But it was more than just that—it was also the perfect Cognac to follow our sell-out limited edition, Sélection N° 1.

Sélection Nº 1 was created in collaboration with André Petit & Fils Cognac, a truly traditional, artisan house whose Cognacs we love.

XO Extra Quality: The eaux-de-vie that make up this mature blend have been aged for up to 25 years, a quarter-century!

Multi-terroir blend: This means that the grapes that make up the eaux-de-vie used for this blend originate from multiple growth areas. In this case they come from the premier Petite Champagne, the Fins Bois, and Bons Bois terroirs. The art in Cognac blending is to find eaux-de-vie that complement each other and generate the perfect balance. We bow to the cellar master’s brilliance (more about him in a moment…).

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